• Nicholas Chamberlain

The 6 Best Methods to Monetize Your Podcast

Is it even possible to monetize a podcast?! Yes, it is! But are you not sure how to monetize your podcast, or do you need some extra ideas on how to monetize your podcast? Well look no further, Nick and Brandon break down the 6 most important ways to monetize your podcast!

Monetizing your podcast can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming, but here are six practical ways you can fund your podcast:

  1. Sponsorships and Ad Revenue

  2. Affiliate Marketing

  3. Crowd Funding

  4. Promoting your service-based business or coaching services

  5. Promoting your live event, talk, or conference (in person or via the internet)

  6. Promoting your physical or digital product

Make sure you listen to the podcast as Nick and Brandon dive deeper into each of these examples!

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Happy Podcasting!

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